Cobolt Server Rules

Welcome to The Cobolt Server Community

We welcome you with open arms and hope you can find a new gaming home with us. We have a fantastic and fun loving community here, open and accepting to all players, new and old alike. is one of the longest running 7 Days to Die servers, with a dedicated moderation team, and fair rules that promote the enjoyment of all who choose to play here with us.

Speaking of rules, we do have a few policies that we ask that you follow to ensure the best time possible for you and the others who share this post-apocalyptic funland.

Here at Cobolt we are a strictly PvE server. For those new to server based multiplayer games, PvE (Player versus Environment) servers are places that foster cooperation rather than PvP (Player versus Player) competition. That means, in a nutshell, we do not allow the killing of other players, we do not allow greifing or trolling, nor do we permit stealing from other players in any form (dropped packs, chests, etc.). If this sounds like a place you would like to spend your time, please read on for specific policies, and again, thank you for considering, we appreciate your patronage, and cooperation with the following:






You may not harm another player in the game world.

The ONLY exception to this rule is if someone is coming after you say something in chat BEFORE you kill the other as a warning to the moderators and the person trying to harm you.



Do not troll or grief other players.

We understand that some things are simply jokes or pranks played on a friend in a game, and we are OK with that, to an extent. However, these things can be taken too far very quickly. Therefor we ask that you keep them to a minimum, or between consenting players. Sabotaging another person's base or other items that they have worked hard for is simply not acceptable, as it tends to cause stress and discontent among the player base. We understand these activities can be fun for some people, and there are places those individuals can go, we wish them luck and the best, but Cobolt is not a place for these folk. Included in the greifing category is breaking loot spawns, tearing down prefabricated structures, blocking access to those structures, planting landmines or TNT in public areas, and anything that goes against the common good of the player base.


Speaking of trolling, in game chat is a fun place to hang out, to talk with your friends and fellow players, and we ask that you keep it civil. That isn't to say you cannot have fun, but purposely provoking people is unacceptable. Generally you will get a warning, but it is up to moderator discretion. Trolling is simply not allowed, in chat or otherwise.


Base Raiding:

Do not break into or take from player made structures.

It is not permissible to break into any player made structure, nor is it acceptable to break into any player made containers, this applies also to player grown crops or anything made by another player. You may not take anything from another player without that player’s permission, and if your action is called into question, you will be asked to prove you had permission. This is a pretty straightforward rule, if you break it you will not be able to play with us anymore.


Prefabricated Structures:

Do not land claim prefabs, if you stay there, it is at your own risk.

Prefabricated structures are fun additions to the game, they generally have the best loot, and make the landscape look much better. They also provide great temporary shelter in the early game, however, these structures are used by everyone, and many people survive off of the loot they contain. With that said, using a land claim block (lcb) inside or near enough to a prefabricated structure, and thus blocking access to all or part of that structure, is against the rules. Do not do this. I can't stress enough how important it is to never claim a prefab.
If you decide to claim a prefab despite this warning, you will face negative consequences up to a permanent ban from Cobolt. If you decide to make your home inside of a prefab, even without land claiming it, you are not protected from raiding activity. If you are staying in a prefab and someone breaks in, that is your own fault, not our concern. Anyone breaking into a prefab you are staying in is still not allowed to break or loot your player built items, however inside a prefab structure, especially one with high traffic, it is almost impossible to prove who did what, so stay in them at your own risk.


Respect The Moderators:

Our moderators work hard to make this a nice place, be respectful.

Our moderator team is very dedicated to making Cobolt a great place for everyone, and are volunteering their time to do so. They are also very busy even when in game, as they have several duties both in and out of game. We would ask that if the moderators say something to you please respond to them as quickly as possible, if you would like your conversation in private feel free to add them on steam (ask their permission first, please) for a quick personal chat, though don't be upset if they remove you from the friends list afterword, they often have very large or even full lists.

We also ask that you comply with moderator requests, and if you disagree with them about something, make a post on our server forums and your request/complaint will be reviewed as promptly as possible. Our moderators do their very best to keep the server fun, fair and safe.



No swearing, no trolling, be civil.

Please keep chat a civil place, whether you are using voice chat or text chat, we ask that you refrain from uncivilized discourse. We also that you keep chat clean and at a fairly PG level, no swearing please. We have a hard line policy against certain types of behavior, if you are seen using racial slurs, or any discriminating talk about anyone based on their gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion or any other status, you will have to have a very convincing argument to not be permanently removed from the Cobolt server.


Hacking or cheating of any kind, whether through a third party program or an in game exploit is strictly forbiden. If caught you will be removed from the server, and not allowed back. An appeal would be very unlikely to succeed.